Hill Top Hideaway – Thursday Island

4 guests | 2 bedrooms | 2 beds | 1 bath

Hill Top Hideaway is a retro, beachy style short term accommodation on Thursday Island.


You will have the place to yourself with 360 degree views overlooking the TI Harbour and surrounding islands. Mainland Cape York can be seen in the distance.

Heritage Stone House – St Pauls Island

3 guests | 2 bedrooms | 2 beds

The family Elders would like to welcome you to our home, called ‘Ware Corner’. This stone house was built with love in the mid 1980s by our late father Elia Ware Snr. late sister Grace and brother Aviu. We are custodians and caretakers of the house and land. Heritage Stone House offers you a unique island experience with social and cultural interaction is encouraged.